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Insert for Griddle Plate (Atago)
Insert for Griddle Plate (Atago)
Insert for Griddle Plate (Atago)


Insert for Griddle Plate (Atago)

Product no.: PM-ATAGO-PLATE-IN

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Product features

• Grill insert for grill stripes for the Atago Griddle Plate, made in Germany
• Stability and tilt resistance for pot, pan or percolator
• Preparation of sauce, soup, pan dish or coffee during grilling
• Safe placing in the middle: grilled food remains on the griddle plate
• After removal with the BBQ and Coal Tongs, charcoal or firewood can easily be put into the Atago.

The Petromax Insert for the Atago Griddle Plate provides even grill stripes as a supplement to grilling on the Spanish plancha plate. It fits perfectly into the opening in the middle of the Atago Griddle Plate. Here it ensures that chicken fillet, steak or lamb chops are not accidently pushed into the fire with the spatula and remain safely on the plate. The Insert also allows the food to be placed directly in the centre above the highest heat on the Atago Griddle Plate.
Perfectly combinable with the Cooking Support
In addition, the Insert fits perfectly on the Cooking Support for the Atago Griddle Plate. This way, smaller Dutch Ovens or Fire Skillets can also be placed on the Cooking Support of the Atago Griddle Plate to prepare soups and vegetable pans as starters or side dishes. In addition, aromatic coffees and teas can be made with the percolator and teakettle. The Insert also serves as a safe place for the cookware.
Using BBQ and Coal Tongs, the Insert can be taken from the Cooking Support or the opening in the Atago Griddle Plate. Now the space is free for adding charcoal and wood. Thanks to its versatile possibilities, the Insert is the ideal addition to the Atago Griddle Plate for every outdoor grilling and cooking adventure.

To be used in combination with the Atago Griddle Plate

Technical details:
Material: steel, oiled
Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 10.9 x 10.9 x 1.2 cm
Weight, approx.: 135 g

Scope of Delivery
1 x Insert for Atago Griddle Plate